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how to scan stocks for swing trading

Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. This allows you to integrate certain types of trading strategies and to eliminate stocks from the list that may not fit specific criteria. If you’re looking for an effective stock screener and real-time updates for a variety of markets and exchanges, then you will definitely want to consider Benzinga Pro.

how to scan stocks for swing trading

You can use FinViz to plug in the criteria you are looking for in a stock. This is an extremely sought-after product considering what is happening in the stock market right now. Stock markets are crashing from all-time highs, many of which have officially entered a bear market. Finviz allows all market participants to look for value in assets and stocks. The stock screener can give you strong investment ideas to buy this downside when it starts to show signs of recovery for long-term investments.

The Best Trending Stocks Screener

Weekends are when you should do all your analysis and planning. During the week you are focusing on finding the right timing to qualify a trade and execute your entry. Going through the list, there are a lot of names that pop out. FinViz allows you to easily siphon through the charts you have screened by selecting “charts” in the tab selection under the screening criteria.

  • Trend lines map out a stocks direction as well as drawing triangle patterns or pennant patterns such as bull pennants and bear pennants.
  • Traders can get hurt quickly from jumping head first into anything that pops up on a scan.
  • We hope you enjoyed this article on the best stock screener for swing trading.
  • A stock screener is a tool that allows an investor or trader to search and filter stocks that are according to the investor’s criteria.
  • Ideally, this is done before the trade has even been placed, but a lot will often depend on the day’s trading.
  • Trade biotech long enough and you will have a 90% downside gap against you as well due to a single-day non-scheduled news event like what shot this one up.
  • This same scanning process can also be used to find Triangle patterns and Double Consolidations patterns.

I don’t want to have to recreate the scan each time I log in. Both these scanners are free and have additional functionality with a paid subscription. Use this screening method to stay on top of hot stocks, see them setup, and have your orders placed for when they explode.

How to Find Breakout Stocks Using The Pro Scanner

Having screened only for the first part , we’ve come up with 130 names. This list came to be further minimized, by increasing the volume threshold or adding the EPS and sales growth over the last 5-years.

  • Trending stocks are great for both swing traders and day traders.
  • A technical stock screener helps traders find stocks to trade based on these technical indicators.
  • This Sector Top List contains no exclusionary filters, it simply ranks the ETFs by Change from Close % with biggest on top.
  • Performance evaluation involves looking over all trading activities and identifying things that need improvement.
  • Profits might be big on each trade, allowing a swing trader to make a tidy profit.

First a move from $9.00 to 11.50 for a $2.50 range, second a move from $10.75 to 12.50 for $1.75 range, and third a move from $11.75 to $13.25 for $1.50 in range. These three trades presented over $5.75 in trading range, more range than the last 6 months from https://www.bigshotrading.info/ low to hi. They’ve been my primary charting platform since 2013 and I consider TC2000 must-have trading software. We recently did a review and getting started guide – so if you’re new to Worden TC2000 or want some general platform tips, here’s the review.

Paper Trading on Streak

We also show you how to check which sectors are performing well. Trading stocks that are in a strong performing sector greatly increases your odds of being right. As mentioned before we need to stack the odds as much as possible in our favor. I suggest doing mid market cap+, rsi under 40, volume 500k+.

how to scan stocks for swing trading

Factual statements in this site are made as of the date the information was created and are subject to change without notice. It should not be assumed that the information in this web site will result in you being a profitable trader or that it will not result in losses. Past results are not necessarily indicative how to scan stocks for swing trading of future results. You should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. BTW, if you’re interested in the indicator that I use personally for very precise entries and exits, I’m happy to share that with you. Just send me an email at , and I’ll show you how to get access to that indicator.

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